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I am currently considering which of my past projects to add to the site over the coming months. This really depends on the condition and availability of models and prototypes etc. However, it is likely that the following will be included. About 20 years ago I designed a bicycle gear and brake system that I thought had advantages over the then current systems. Although modern systems have effectively overtaken this idea, I would still like to include them on the site. I also hope to include a novel milk shake maker that adds a fun element to making milk shakes. The rest are likely to be games. I have just added the prototype for “You’re Gonna Get Wet” which is a garden water game for kids (and maybe adults too), “Lineout” is another tile based strategy game and “Black Hole” pits players against time as the black hole relentlessly pulls players towards its centre. In addition, the game "Kertil" is heading to the USA later this year to be reviewed by a games company. Fingers crossed! 

In the meantime I have been writing a few songs and playing with some old ones. There were a couple of songs that I always wanted to try to mashup as they had very similar structures. One was an instrumental from 1971 by the French producer Mike Steiphensen which puts guitar and keyboards to Burundi drums and chants. The other was the 1993, East 17 song "Deep" Well, after some hours on a digital audio workstation I have concocted the mashup I call "Deep and Black". There is a link to it below, see what you think. In addition I have just added a song I concocted some time ago called "March of the Trolls". An unusual track but give it a listen.


For the (non musical) future, well, I want to progress an interesting take I have on the humble camera gadget bag, a novel indoor sundial stares at me from the drawing board and I would one day like to do some more development work on an as yet unpublished site thepollingstation. In addition, I have dozens of designs in various stages of completion, one day I will finish them all and they will appear on this site. However, due to the need to eat, sleep and make a daily appearance at my place of work, my "Magnum Opus" may take some time to complete.

I have been entering some songs in the UK Songwriting contest over the past two or three years. I managed to get to the semis last year with a song called "Good in all People" after getting commended efforts for my previous attempts. Going to have another go this year with a song called "Time Machine". Hopefully I can go at least one stage further than last year.